in puerto escondido: notions 76-78.

notion 76.


“vamos hacer la llamada a la banda.”
“chido carnal.”
y como esta la banda?
“la banda no se enoja si rolas,
pero si se encabrona
si te enamoras.”

drumbeats, djembes, and fire.
ancient amulets
and the life of the lost tribe
searching for space
during transcendental trips.

“es que la banda es bien garufa
y pacheca.”

y como esta mi banda?





notion 77.

where has the tribe dispersed to?
into territories?
assimilated mestizos and creoles,
taken from africa over into america.
how does one become american?
or of the americas?
what was it called before?

where has the tribe dispersed to?

“como esta mi banda?”





notion 78.

y me despido
pero con mucho amor
de toda la banda.


in puerto escondido: notions 74-75.

notion 74.

te crees grande,
te sientes muy hombre
con tu pistola.


notion 75.

i am innocent
of all the evil
you’d try to pin on me,
you’d try to blame on me,
i am innocent,
already gone.
didn’t have to study very hard,
or for very long
to arrive at the conclusion
that this world
had gone all wrong,
before i’d come.
you’d like to blame me,
but i am innocent.
i will not share your guilt,
but hope to make things better
“with a little help from my friends.”


in puerto escondido: notions 72-73.

notion 72.

what they lookin’ fo’?
and why they think we got it?
it’s quite suspicious.





notion 73.

it’s quite suspicious
where military posts
get set up,
and who those federales,
estatales, policías municipales
be harassing.
why mostly in guerrero, oaxaca, and
where the people, el pueblo,
are demanding better conditions
and wages?
it’s ok for americans (united statesians- egocentric fucks.)
to become middle class bourgeoisie pigs,
but not the rest of the world,
so paramilitaries are trained
to defeat any movement by the people.
so learn to dance, play drums, spit fire.
they can not shoot a constant moving target.
retreat to the jungles or mountains
before the men with guns
decide to take it all,
so we’ll have nothing
for them to have.

a ver como les va cabrones.


in puerto escondido: notions 69-71.

notion 69.

are you jealous?
how detached they have become?
they do not need your cities.
your manufactured society
with artificial lighting
where the citizens walk blindly
afraid of themselves, afraid of today.
in their country,
but the kids
they want no part of it.
but these kids
they want no part of it.
are you jealous?
they reject
what you’ve succumbed to.
they reject it so easily
in order to be


notion 70.

come on, arrest me.
you ain’t got nuthin’ on me.
i’m already free.


notion 71.

how many more posts
where military searches
youthful wanderers?


in puerto escondido: notion 68.

notion 68.

“a ver, va haber
revisión para todos
porque son un peligro
pa’ la sociedad.”
“open your legs,
hands on the wall.”
“vacíate las bolsas.”
“no tiembles.”
“what’s in the bag?”
“este esta tomando video mi comandante.”
“why are you hanging out with them.”
“no vas a venir a cambiar las cosas.”
pigs, porkchops, cerdos, cochinos.
how do you represent repression?
with a cop and a gun.
who is the man? who is the man? what is a man?
the man been scoping the scene,
maintaining order.
“no vas a venir a decirme come hacer mi trabajo.”
ice t starts chanting, cop killa!
nwa interjects, fuck da police!
mumia continues from death row.
hasta la victoria! right?
simón (bolívar), carnal.
porque aquí esta la banda
por todo el planeta,
porque no nos aguantan,
y en partes
considerados terroristas.
y el policía
snatching my crotch,
crotch snatch,
4 or 5 times,
almost gave me a hand job,
so i too join in,
fuck da police!
cause who pays your salaries?
whose order is maintained?
serving whose interests?
you were hired for protection not harassment.


in puerto escondido: notions 64-67

notion 64.

tell a little lie
for the whole world to start dreaming,
but becomes dogma.





notion 65.

and a bang
fell against
my brain.
i do not know
how to feel real.
i do not know
how i got here.
i do not know.
i do not know.

and with a bang,
my mind went blank.
i do not know,
can’t stop thinking,
so pass a pill,
so i can sleep,
and try
to forget.

i will try again,
and probably fail.
i do not know.
it just goes on.


notion 66.

i was born
in a melting pot,
so my insides
were meant to rot.
and when the water
started boiling,
ingredients went


notion 67.

hay muchas palabras
que busca la gente
para explicar
lo que esta pasando,
para entender
lo que se ha olvidado.

hay muchas palabras,
muchas más personas
como para explicar,
como para entender
que se pierda todo.


in puerto escondido: notions 62-63.

notion 62.

in ancient times,
the tribe danced.
today, the tribe
has scattered,
so we mosh
to crash against
one another
in hopes
of catching a glimpse
of that
ancient feeling
of which
i still have
some sort of
memory of
without having existed,
or perhaps
i always have.
at dawn,
we mosh.


notion 63.

we mosh.
we ride on.
we go on.

my generation’s song
never did belong,
and all over the continent,
kids move away,
and leave.
and leave because they can’t give.
they’re so scared
to be like mommy and daddy,
simply working
to make the company
and you?

older, sadder, lonelier, and poor.

so ride on.
we mosh.
we go on.


in puerto escondido: notions 59-61.

notion 59.

carved from the stones
of the ancients,
the world’s wisdom
has been slowly fading
as shopping malls
get built up.
(you’ve) traded your country’s history
for some shiny buildings,
and (you) didn’t even get any
of the money.
all went to the company.


notion 60.

tell me a little,
but don’t you say everything
cause i can’t manage.


notion 61.

and in a box,
i keep them safe.
all of my dreams
are not for view.
afraid of ridicule,
so they can’t come true.

all safe in a box,
but dreams need air
to breathe, to live
lest they become
of dreams
the reoccurring kind.

thank you, langston.
who? you
and the kids with
the bright eyes.


in puerto escondido: notions 57-58.

notion 57.

i’m an introspective fuck.
that’s who i am,
and that
be me.
beats me
how i became
but me’s
become me.

and was it all part
of some
greater design?
an accident?
natural selection?
a self serving,
self fulfilling prophecy?
by me?


notion 58.

how many times?
do you remember?
that we’ve searched
for answers
without really knowing
what it was
that we were
looking for?


36 haiku on suicide and the disappearing pond. p.4

36 haiku on suicide and the disappearing pond.

the wheels rotating
then going out of control
stampeding the rest.

stampeding the rest,
over the rest of the world.
too late to stop now.

to late to stop now,
this is how it’s always been.
no one changes things.

no one changes things
because either no one cares
or has enough time.

or has enough time,
so that all that is known is
never really known.

never really known,
everyone’s a shadow
quickly passing by.

quickly passing by
no one is meant to stay long
cherishing people.

cherishing people
offers temporary hope and
and optimism.

and optimism
matters little when cup is
completely empty.