in puerto escondido: notion 68.

notion 68.

“a ver, va haber
revisión para todos
porque son un peligro
pa’ la sociedad.”
“open your legs,
hands on the wall.”
“vacíate las bolsas.”
“no tiembles.”
“what’s in the bag?”
“este esta tomando video mi comandante.”
“why are you hanging out with them.”
“no vas a venir a cambiar las cosas.”
pigs, porkchops, cerdos, cochinos.
how do you represent repression?
with a cop and a gun.
who is the man? who is the man? what is a man?
the man been scoping the scene,
maintaining order.
“no vas a venir a decirme come hacer mi trabajo.”
ice t starts chanting, cop killa!
nwa interjects, fuck da police!
mumia continues from death row.
hasta la victoria! right?
simón (bolívar), carnal.
porque aquí esta la banda
por todo el planeta,
porque no nos aguantan,
y en partes
considerados terroristas.
y el policía
snatching my crotch,
crotch snatch,
4 or 5 times,
almost gave me a hand job,
so i too join in,
fuck da police!
cause who pays your salaries?
whose order is maintained?
serving whose interests?
you were hired for protection not harassment.


4 thoughts on “in puerto escondido: notion 68.

    • Yeah unfortunately so, but some much more than others. We all got off easy that night especially once they knew I was from the US. I became another effin’ tourist. But the kids from Puerto they suffer the humiliation regularly. Certain parts in major cities here in the States are really no different though. This poem is probably meant to confuse some people or meant for only some to understand.


      • Yes. Only some will ever understand. Once it happens to you, you never get over the fact that the police are there to protect someone else’s rights, not the average guy on the street. Let’s not even bring ethnicity into it.


  1. This is very powerful, and so shamefully true. I was subjected to something very similar years ago in Kentucky, and it still fills me with rage. Some people allow power to go to their heads when they should be serving and protecting ALL, not a select few. And damn well not harassing certain people just because they think they can do whatever they want. It turns my stomach.

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