strange frequencies.

strange frequencies.

an animal or dream believed to have,
a mystery, no one could hold for free-
reason, why the whole universe went bad.
an emptiness, only darkness would see
like a virus being born out from space
to wasted energy, turned to nothing
as an ancient scar on history’s face
until reality stops existing.
so into a void, our souls went drowning
because this world our hearts’ just couldn’t take,
and all of our love ended up sinking
toward our plastic selves, a feel so fake.

at the beginning, the earth’s pulse did ring,
but we’ve wasted all the hope that love brings.


16 sonnets on an isolated universe.

16 sonnets on an isolated universe.

strange frequencies
difficulty of conversation
what’s up with the attitude
winter hurt
singing towards the wind against the world
dark creeps in
misconceptions and quick judgments (why no one reads)
getting together (how wars are planned)
how the child forgot
out of water
two hands
sharing my soul
san cristobal de las casas
victory vill ve ours
another mark