apparent scars of bitterness.

apparent scars of bitterness.

a little friend’s waiting to go on
on all you weak miserable humans,
and no one’s even paying attention.
this kingdom will fall down hard.

imagination soon is forgotten
when it intervenes with profit,
and this little friend’s waiting to go.
this kingdom will fall down hard.

a war will come. some disease followed by famine.
security an illusion no metal detector could
detect or officer inspect.
imagination will have its revenge on a busted revolution
going on with manuals and manifestos, chanting
viva la revolucion,
but so is el pri and castro.
pledging allegiance to causes while pausing-
will have its revenge.


imagination hanging from a fiber.

imagination hanging from a fiber.

a figment of imagination hanging from a fiber off the universe’s fingertips.

the nights that madness shattered have become forgotten stories;
melted faces from memory forming a world that has long ceased to exist.

a figment of imagination hanging from a fiber off the universe.

dreams and nightmares blended with time,
good and bad become difficult to distinguish,
here and there can be exactly the same point.

when reality is relative, what is real?

a figment of imagination hanging from a fiber.

so, how does one remember the dream?
digging deep into original being, scratching energy off the universe’s ego
as past and future blur out the present.

a figment of imagination hanging.

angels with no wings or memory of them.
aliens staring at stars, hoping to return home.
answers to questions that aren’t important.

what is this, that humanity’s become, becoming?

a figment of imagination.

all goes on inside the walls of the universe’s dream.
none of anything really changes anything, none of the
characters are essential to the story,
and anything that happens is probably an accident.

a figment of.