¿history rotates forward?

¿history rotates forward?

we are myth and allegory.
our history bloody and gory
with tales of honor and glory,
but mostly a false narrative gets promoted,
pushed forward.
the rewards of plundering,
of raping, pillaging, and conquering-
to write down a story,
and then call it history,
and force the children of the conquered
to learn and memorize
the tales of their ancestors’ conquering.
to worship and idolize
the men responsible,
and then expect some gratitude for this education-
that’s some perverse shit.
what are you teaching?
to either fall in line? or constantly feel like at any moment,
this country could take away your freedom,
and throw you in prison
just for opposing injustice?
or talking and writing about it? or even worse,
just thinking about it?
why is authority so threatened
by those that organize the streets?

but there’s always two sides.
there’s always two sides.
the streets, they are filthy, unclean.
the people were lost, and the state brought order.
folks aren’t ready for freedom,
so some need prison or the fear of it
to keep them in line
and keep them productive.
repression becomes necessary when preventing chaos.
quit playing the victims of history.
it’s evolution and natural selection.
it’s the way the world works.
sorry my ancestors were such assholes,
and murdered all of yours.
we took you in. we took you in.
this country took your whole family in.
we gave you all a religion,
transformed the heathens into good christians.
the police needed to come,
and do what they did.
it had to be done to bring order.
unfortunately, some lives can’t matter.
some lives can’t matter
if we are to move forward as human beings.
it’s evolution and natural selection.
it’s evolution and natural selection.
sorry, no time to catch feelings or feel empathy.
no time to catch feelings or feel empathy.

todo el mundo tan ridículo y tan perverso.
en donde se termina y por donde empiezo.
soy hijo de mestizos entonces mestizo soy.
mira la lluvia. mira el agua correr. “todo cambia,”
mi amigo imaginario, que en paz descanse, ya bien lo decía,
“todo gira
y termina
como esta lírica
estamos viviendo nuestras pesadillas
con mal gobiernos que quieren que vivamos de rodillas,
con mal gobiernos que quieren borrar a los mas pobres
hasta llegar a borrarnos a todos nosotros.
yo no me explico ¿porque tanta represión dentro de una democracia?
¿porque tanta hipocresía?
¿o somos libres o es pura mentira?
ya ni a quien creerle.
todo es puro show.
yo no quiero andar protestando toda mi vida.
yo quiero vivir mi vida.
pero si hay que marchar,
pues hay que luchar,
y vamos andar
como el comandante
siempre pa’ adelante,
siempre pa’ adelante,
siempre pa’ adelante.


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