the madness.
speaking in tongues with mindless folks
who engage in doublespeak and jargonese.
could the world just please
twice about thinking twice?
my how time flies
when you’re diving off the deep end.
could we gain some control? grab a hold?
i don’t think there’s ever been a time
when this world’s been at peace;
we’re just trying to get closer
without getting erased.
our species is so egotistical-
thinking we’ll be here forever,
like we can’t go like the dinosaurs.
what a bunch of dodos!
i don’t know
what else to say
when folks are still living day to day,
meal to meal.
how do we heal
all of the broken people?

trying to make sense
out of nonsense.
asking rhetorical questions.
you’ll end up trapped in your mind
in the world of what ifs and
just let it be,
and jump in where you fit in.
you are not your parents’ sins.
we are not our ancestors’ mistakes.
we are the survivors.
our DNA carries the strands
of a people that have prolonged
and survived, and survived, and survived,
but for how much longer
when “idiocracy”
starts to resemble reality.


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