our dreams are divine

we’re just trying to ride
the breath of the night,
the energy why
our dreams are divine.
and everything’s here;
everything’s here
inside of this moment.
if you could just hold it
then you would notice.
then you would notice
that everything’s here.
that everything’s here,
and all of the answers
will start to appear-
some of them not so clear,
but if you stop to listen
then you will hear,
and if you search
then you will find
that you’ve opened your third eye.

i live on an island
inside of my mind,
and you are a bridge
to the rest of mankind.
the rest of mankind
can turn a blind eye,
but i’ll still keep looking
and hoping
that we’ll all unite.
one big nation
with no fucking borders;
no coloring inside the lines
and everything’s fine,
and everything’s fine.

to search and to look
and go beyond,
and go under,
and break on through
until we see, until we feel
that color and sound are real,
and tangible
just like our dreams.

our dreams are divine.



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