preface (notions a-q).

in chicago.
notions 1-35.

in querétaro.
notions 36-54.

in la ciudad de méxico (méxico city).
notions 55-56.

in puerto escondido.
notions 57-78.

in san cristóbal de las casas.
notions 79-98.

in guadalajara.
notions 99-115.

on a plane from guadalajara to atlanta.
notions 116-127.

on a plane from atlanta to chicago.
notions 128-140.

in chicago back again.
epilogue (notions i-xvii).

16 sonnets on an isolated universe.

16 sonnets on an isolated universe.

strange frequencies
difficulty of conversation
what’s up with the attitude
winter hurt
singing towards the wind against the world
dark creeps in
misconceptions and quick judgments (why no one reads)
getting together (how wars are planned)
how the child forgot
out of water
two hands
sharing my soul
san cristobal de las casas
victory vill ve ours
another mark