san cristobal de las casas, chiapas.

san cristobal de las casas, chiapas.

so i thought i’d write a sonnet just cause
i’m of ideas of eternity,
way past beyond the sense of human laws,
and at some point, i’ll finally be free.

in my country was able to find me.
had to leave the chaos and confusion
cause all that noise was simply distracting.
i yearn independent dispositions.

thus then travel unravels some secrets.
our third became open to see way past.
letting go of our shared ancient regrets.
all blurred towards a future which will pass.

so why the fuck then are you so worried
when not part of the story in his)story.


sharing my soul.

sharing my soul.

i’ll share my soul with you till i’m naked,
and in the darkness we can search for what?
on some ancient land, my heart lays vacant-
a place of walls where memory forgot.

tricked into and think like it a lot-
the empty and the loneliness of space,
where love goes away to decay and rot
like gravity lost and floating displaced.

out of this world into distance with haste
towards a hollow of fleeting feelings
away from this metropolitan pace
for better living and easy breathing.

i’ll share my soul with you like my body,
and in the dark search through our vacancy.


understanding the left.

understanding the left.

abandoned from
an ancient land,
mr. x, malcolm
mexico, mejica
chaos and the tao
che guevara and mao
rebelling from pious
but the landscape fades.
manifestos and manuals-
the revolution
locked in books.
martyrs and rebels
as(s) socialist idols.
politics as a marx
“but only through conflict do things move
a sociology prof.
in soc. 100.