in chicago back again: notion iv.

notion iv.

innocence and virtue become funny.
no place for such things in a fast paced world.
working for corporations now, sonny,
as one gets sucked into the system whole
then one day one goes out just for a walk,
and along the way one forgets where too.
forget what to say, becomes hard to talk,
getting lost on the road on one’s way through.
this type of world does anything matter?
when everyone’s just a fly on the wall,
waiting for the chance to really matter
as if waiting for fall to change to spring.

let’s begin chanting secrets into space,
and learn to accept what’s behind one’s face.


corporate democracy confuses.

corporate democracy confuses.

what’s up with governments acting like corporations? 

should i be confused, amused or what? 
should i keep on staring into the idiot box? 
should i choose to participate or not? 
should i just get on my knees and pray that it all stops? 

anyone want a world of activists or puppet presidents? 
let guns decide while the world divides over markets being 
dream of aliens on distant planets or settle things at home? 

what’s up with governments? 
what’s up with governments acting like they care? 
what’s up with governments acting like corporations? 

can anything be fixed without reading marx? 

because the 
third world debt 
isn’t getting paid, 
and the g-8 can choke them by it with a chain, 
but it isn’t getting paid. 

what’s up with governments acting like corporations? 
what’s up with governments building space stations? 
what’s up with this country pimping its new world democracy?