in chicago back again: notion iv.

notion iv.

innocence and virtue become funny.
no place for such things in a fast paced world.
working for corporations now, sonny,
as one gets sucked into the system whole
then one day one goes out just for a walk,
and along the way one forgets where too.
forget what to say, becomes hard to talk,
getting lost on the road on one’s way through.
this type of world does anything matter?
when everyone’s just a fly on the wall,
waiting for the chance to really matter
as if waiting for fall to change to spring.

let’s begin chanting secrets into space,
and learn to accept what’s behind one’s face.


4 thoughts on “in chicago back again: notion iv.

  1. First of all I absolutely love your page. I was so excited when I saw the face of yet another poet, always makes me giddy to read fresh lyrics. It’s always a chance for sharing interpretations and ones motivation for writing what they share. Thank you for becoming a pen pal :). Loved this piece. I don’t know much about Chicago, only visited once but it is plain to see how one can become lost in the rhythm of such a huge city with so many distractions. You took me right between the high building with the hawk sweeping through and yes it was in dead winter that we were there.


  2. “one gets sucked into the system whole” — oh yes, I have been in that place where “innocence and virtue become funny”. It is so good to be fly free and, glancing back, see that whole confusing experience as just a detour on the way home.

    I have just discovered your blog through your liking my recent post, “Let’s Sail” — thank you for liking my work. And thank you for yours.


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