in puerto escondido: notions 64-67

notion 64.

tell a little lie
for the whole world to start dreaming,
but becomes dogma.





notion 65.

and a bang
fell against
my brain.
i do not know
how to feel real.
i do not know
how i got here.
i do not know.
i do not know.

and with a bang,
my mind went blank.
i do not know,
can’t stop thinking,
so pass a pill,
so i can sleep,
and try
to forget.

i will try again,
and probably fail.
i do not know.
it just goes on.


notion 66.

i was born
in a melting pot,
so my insides
were meant to rot.
and when the water
started boiling,
ingredients went


notion 67.

hay muchas palabras
que busca la gente
para explicar
lo que esta pasando,
para entender
lo que se ha olvidado.

hay muchas palabras,
muchas más personas
como para explicar,
como para entender
que se pierda todo.


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