in puerto escondido: notions 74-75.

notion 74.

te crees grande,
te sientes muy hombre
con tu pistola.


notion 75.

i am innocent
of all the evil
you’d try to pin on me,
you’d try to blame on me,
i am innocent,
already gone.
didn’t have to study very hard,
or for very long
to arrive at the conclusion
that this world
had gone all wrong,
before i’d come.
you’d like to blame me,
but i am innocent.
i will not share your guilt,
but hope to make things better
“with a little help from my friends.”


4 thoughts on “in puerto escondido: notions 74-75.

  1. two things…
    1. you make us white guys who only know English work through your creations but the little effort we put into Google translate is well worth it

    2. the Beatles reference was sweet but i have found another group which i find sinks closer into your art… The Mars Volta and more to the point, Cedric Bixler-Zavala’s lyrics… a group whose albums i’ve been in awe of the first time i heard their music and will be forever in awe of for the rest of my life… btw, i mean this as tremendous compliment, just so you know…


    • Thanks a lot for the kind words. Always glad to make people think not just as a teacher, but in the day to day moments as well.

      I love the Beatles and Mars Volta (since they were At the Drive In). Completely humbled to have my words bring up Cedric because that is so awesome.

      Also thank you for taking the time to translate some of the Spanish stuff. There are some phrases or wording I use that may not be probably translated since it might be very specific slang I picked up while traveling. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask.

      And thanks again for following.


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