in puerto escondido: notions 72-73.

notion 72.

what they lookin’ fo’?
and why they think we got it?
it’s quite suspicious.





notion 73.

it’s quite suspicious
where military posts
get set up,
and who those federales,
estatales, policías municipales
be harassing.
why mostly in guerrero, oaxaca, and
where the people, el pueblo,
are demanding better conditions
and wages?
it’s ok for americans (united statesians- egocentric fucks.)
to become middle class bourgeoisie pigs,
but not the rest of the world,
so paramilitaries are trained
to defeat any movement by the people.
so learn to dance, play drums, spit fire.
they can not shoot a constant moving target.
retreat to the jungles or mountains
before the men with guns
decide to take it all,
so we’ll have nothing
for them to have.

a ver como les va cabrones.


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