in puerto escondido: notions 76-78.

notion 76.


“vamos hacer la llamada a la banda.”
“chido carnal.”
y como esta la banda?
“la banda no se enoja si rolas,
pero si se encabrona
si te enamoras.”

drumbeats, djembes, and fire.
ancient amulets
and the life of the lost tribe
searching for space
during transcendental trips.

“es que la banda es bien garufa
y pacheca.”

y como esta mi banda?





notion 77.

where has the tribe dispersed to?
into territories?
assimilated mestizos and creoles,
taken from africa over into america.
how does one become american?
or of the americas?
what was it called before?

where has the tribe dispersed to?

“como esta mi banda?”





notion 78.

y me despido
pero con mucho amor
de toda la banda.


6 thoughts on “in puerto escondido: notions 76-78.

  1. That was an interesting mix, Spanish and English, which my guess that Spanish can be Mexican?

    En españa no decimos si “se encabrona” or “chido carnal” o “pacheca” asi que tiene que ser Mejicano.

    Nice rap.


  2. I’d love to know what inspired this one. I often pose some of these question to people I know can’t answer them in order to make some kind of point about indigenous relations, so I’m curious as to how/why/when these things occur in the minds of others.

    And this is just to say,
    I adore the bilingual aspect of your writing in general.


  3. That question, “What was it called before” often haunts me. What would I want to be called if I were an indigenous American? Indian? Wasn’t that a misnomer, when Columbus thought he had arrived in India?


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