in puerto escondido: notions 57-58.

notion 57.

i’m an introspective fuck.
that’s who i am,
and that
be me.
beats me
how i became
but me’s
become me.

and was it all part
of some
greater design?
an accident?
natural selection?
a self serving,
self fulfilling prophecy?
by me?


notion 58.

how many times?
do you remember?
that we’ve searched
for answers
without really knowing
what it was
that we were
looking for?


2 thoughts on “in puerto escondido: notions 57-58.

  1. Hola amigo,
    I have been reading your poems and I can really relate to how you feel. I am also Hispanic/bilingual and I like how u go back and forth between the languages as if to say your thoughts do that too. Great poetry. As I Like to say Keep writing!!!!


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