not 2 late 4 evolution.

not 2 late 4 evolution.

had such high hopes
for achieving greatness,
but life happened,
and some hands were dealt.
some chances were taken.
some opportunities floundered.
some were wasted.
sometimes you killed it and ‘slayed’ them with personality.
sometimes you were just a few seconds late,
or too ahead of the curve.
sometimes you didn’t have a chance.
you kept going though,
and were resilient
even when you felt like sisyphus.
even when you knew there was no other way,
even when the possibility for failure was greater
than the possibility for success,
you have persisted.
you are the result of generations of evolution.
in your dna, all of humanities’ successes and failures
towards survival are inscribed and engraved-
do not wear that lightly.
you are the result of someone else’s survival.
we are a species that just won’t quit.
no matter how bad the planet tries to exterminate us
because perhaps mother earth needs us as well
to keep track and memory of its purple majesties.

but let us not get too cocky
for fear of becoming cock-eyed.
let us instead
become warriors united instead of tribes divided.
let us become learners of life,
explorers of hope,
and discoverers of patience.
let us pay close attention
to the earth, and those without a voice
for they have much to say.

had such high hopes,
but it is not too late,
but we must hurry.
for as we speak or as you read,
there are those who have already give up hope,
and thus gone over to the dark side.
thus the reason for all
the zombie and post apocalyptic shows on tv.

everyone’s getting ready for tomorrow to never come
instead of building a today that will bring a brighter tomorrow.
it’s like they ain’t “realize, that everyone you’ve ever known
will one day…
and instead of…”

had such high hopes,
but it is not too late,
but we must hurry.


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