hear your voice.

hear your voice.

i hear your voice,
and i think you are calling me.
from a distance the shadows still stumble,
out in the streets,
they keep looking for lost lovers.

baby, baby,
i will hold you close.
baby, baby
these ancient ghosts won’t haunt us
any longer.
the farther we float from humanity
the freer we feel-
go figure. go figure-
the mathematics of a dream deferred,
and what happens to those
who stop believing that magic is real
and anything can happen.
i hate being the one
to have to tell
that one day you’ll have to grow up,
and act your age,
and act your age,
and act your age.
whatever that means.
whatever that means.

i hear your voice,
and i think you are calling me,
but i can’t make out what you’re saying,
and i hope it’s not too late.
just hold out till i reach you.

we live in a city that’s quickly forgetting
just who we were.
who’s walked the ground where you now stand,
and who came before-
those kinds of things matter
even if you can’t accept it,
even if it hurts to face it.
you’re going to have to
make peace with your past.
you can’t go on ignoring it.
i wish i could water it down,
help it hurt less,
but we all feel guilty for a reason
because we know
we could do so much better,
but just don’t.
is it just laziness
or something much more sinister?
because there’s so much we could be,
from potential to kinetic-
there is so much energy and love
in our hearts,
but we just don’t always act upon it.

i hear your voice,
and i think you are calling me,
talking about all the things
i’m always wondering myself
when conversing with the universe.


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