soundtrack for the collapse of the empire. part vi. final movement.

soundtrack for the collapse of the empire.
part vi. final movement.

do not wonder why/ i/ speak like this/
like i/ have a 3rd eye/ that sees
beyond/ and into time/ like a shaman/
modern day magi/ medicine man/
spiritual leader/ there are invisible
chains/ pure metaphor/ but still their
hold is quite real/ a struggle/ between
good and evil/us and them/ where none of us/
are always good/ or always evil/ but
something much more in-between

we will begin to decipher the messages of our mother;
the singing of the birds and the dancing of the monkeys;
the ringing echo of the blowing wind;
the writing in the sand caused by the air’s footprints;
the paintings in underground caves created by ancient rivers.

we will begin to decipher the messages of our mother.
she is waiting for us to understand her-
for us to return her call,
for us not to be so much like our father- fire.


4 thoughts on “soundtrack for the collapse of the empire. part vi. final movement.

  1. Thanks, po ET. I have be quietly following your soundtrack postings for a while now. Confess to have been to “busy” with my own stuff, but ain’t that always the way. I’m of the opinion that it will take genuine, rich poetry to bring some sense of realty and value shift to our mangled society. You are serving that cause well. Thank you for that. RD


  2. I read your series from one to vi. The words are powerful, the story is true, your anger is it to understand and to share.
    But remember at the same time those of us who are willing to bear the pain of keeping our hearts alive in a world so unfeeling are painting a picture together and must never allow ourselves to obscure the beauty of our children, forests, rivers and streams as they appear to those of us who see with our hearts. For when we are provoked beyond grief we must be careful that we do not begin painting the same pictures, creating the same future as those who feel nothing. Hold tightly to your vision of beauty for the love within it cannot be defeated. The true work of the medicine person is to see in each person One place in which they can be touched that supports their growth toward living with heart.

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