hold out belief.

hold out belief.

that there is something beyond.
all this
cannot be all there is.
a whisper does exist
that will change everything,
and it will be brought on
by the turning of tides
caused by the moon.

we are
all like little infants here,
walking around confused
in search of something lost
when we were being born
before this dream began,
thinking we can fight it-
falling into tides.

hold out
for time to bring us some change
of pace
and perhaps scenery.
there’s a way to survive
and a way to find light,
a place to build some space,
a way to remember
that we are free.

hold out.
a new age is going to come
where we
will finally see true selves;
who we’re meant to become.
children from ancient tribes,
children of ancient love,
let us return to earth
like we once were.


8 thoughts on “hold out belief.

  1. I’ve pondered the whys and the whats of us “being” here. I was once told as early as the sixth grade that I should be myself. I distinctly remember saying, “I don’t think people would like me at all if they truly knew.” Years and years, decades even, later, I discovered how very wrong I had been. I am ever so grateful for realizing that we, as my friend Della pointed out, not human beings but human becomings. I love that. I identify greatly with this expression of the human condition.

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  2. Your words are like a whisper of Truth of what is to come, for I feel it. Your words swept me away, yes renewing Hope that the day I have been waiting for is almost here. Amazing words these are. Just amazing. Thank you for writing Truth. Love, Amy

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