soundtrack for the collapse of the empire. part v.

soundtrack for the collapse of the empire.
part v.

what’s the plan?

what will you be teaching
children that looking like me,
descendents of poverty,
working class citizenry?
all we want is to be free,
and the ability to choose
our own destiny
without the state imposing its
ideals on anybody.

mr., mr. president,
i was hoping you’d represent
the interests of the majority
instead of that 1% minority,
so much so to make us scream.

mr., mr. police officer,
do you really believe
you belong to that 1%,
and who exactly do you represent-
serve and protect?
the majority- the people.
the minority- that 1%;
that does all it can to avoid
paying taxes?

mr. mr. representative
of the church,
i’ve no more cheeks
to turn and give
for exploitation
and slapping.

so much wrong
going on
until i start to
lose all faith in
until i realize that
the god of the
state, in which
united statesians trust,
is covered in blood and rust,
and their love is just lust.

my gods are love and
the sun, the moon,
stars, and the earth.
i’m trying to grow like
roots from trees;
an ever expanding form of positive

your god is on a dollar bill,
which is why you’re so

the corporation is so…


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