san francisco.

san francisco.

you’re a lonely bird,
and i’m a lonely bird.
yo’ we’re all just such lonely birds,
so why don’t we all just flock together
(like birds of the same feather),
and withstand this weather.
let’s travel south and
then maybe west.
let’s go insane,
and give each other new names.
let’s baptize ourselves under flames,
and emerge from the ashes
as two phoenixes.
(let’s go crazy like joaquin phoenix is.)
‘cause you’re a lonely bird,
and i’m a lonely bird,
so why don’t we just flock together.
(baby, why don’t we just fuck together.)
sorry, but it’s hard
to stay so damn positive ,
trying to repel all this negative
energy some folks project,
but we try
to forgive not forget,
and to grow from what we learn;
get beyond our dark thoughts.
break on through like jim morrison
      and william blake.
love at all costs and whatever it takes.
let’s fly south,
then out west;
maybe stop at san francisco.
it’s been so long since i’ve been.


6 thoughts on “san francisco.

  1. There is a scene in the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” where George Bailey tells Mary that he has no intention of being stuck in a little town, falling in love, and marrying anyone. In the speech, he is full of passion, fury, bravado, and just as he’s in full swing of his denial, it occurs to him that he’s going to do exactly what he’s JUST said he refused.

    This poem holds that same intensity, that same passion, that similar feeling of we’re not going to but we’re…wait, yes, indeed we are. This feels like you’re reaching out your hand and saying, c’mon, let’s run. I’d like to have the name Trout and I’ll call you Barbara.

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