soundtrack for the collapse of the empire. part iv.

soundtrack for the collapse of the empire.
part iv.

yes, i am a damaged entity.
i am the state’s property,
and it dictates who i should be,
how i should speak to children,
but why should i listen to reformers
when my students relate and identify so much more
        to me than to them.

push the button.
push my buttons.
i’ve been waiting for a reason
to set it off,
and go crazy on someone’s ass.
i want to speak some truth,
and all i need’s an audience (and a target).
disrespect me, please (i dare you),
so i can honestly say everything
for which i have been waiting patiently.

i didn’t choose teaching because
        i thought it’d be easy.
it chose me as a way to
        assist my community,
as a way to reach the children-
        all around me,
        growing up like me
in a system that doesn’t understand us
        to parents confused by us;
that’s why the kids love me.
they listen and watch to everything i say and do
because they know i respect them too.

unlike you,
always trying to fit them in a box
to make it easier
to manipulate the date.
kids are mere percentages to you


3 thoughts on “soundtrack for the collapse of the empire. part iv.

  1. Sometimes
    All we need is
    An outlet
    Just give us an excuse
    And we can seriously
    School you
    On everything you don’t know.
    especially when you haven’t Seen it yet.

    So I wish you
    A special holiday Season,
    Where you can Spell it out
    And Seek the truth in your Soul,
    Before you Supinate yourself to the Succulent
    Strength of Someone Who Sees Everything
    And Oversees All….

    Should Seriously
    Organize The Singletons
    Who thirst for Change
    And Serious Order
    That Makes Sense
    So we can Set Things Straight

    And Send our Successors
    Down Another Street
    To Success….


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