soundtrack for the collapse of the empire. part ii.

soundtrack for the collapse of the empire.
part ii.

i will rise above towards the mountaintop
before the corporation comes and
        sets up its plantation.
my ideals are too radical,
but at least i have some.
yours can be bought, can’t they?
or they can become easily subdued at
        the slightest threat of
        fear or pain.
and yes i am also scared and terrified,
but am so much more
of what will happen if we just ignore
what’s happening around in the world.

for love of country, you’re willing to die?
what fucking country?
they hand you a gun, and send you
        off. a boy off to war, and
        call you a soldier.
i head to the streets with no weapons, unarmed
        to fight for what’s mine. my life
        and peace of mind, and i’m just
        a rebel.
if you die for country,
i’ll die for love and humanity
because i’m not trying to save a way of life,
but to ensure there is a way of life
to save.

i will rise above the masses and the populous.
we, that don’t have anything, are destined to be
subjugated to be employees and renters of
nobody owns anything.
your land belongs to the city,
and the city is owned by the state,
and the state is owned by the feds,
and your country is a corporation
with a board and invisible CEO’s
that control everything;
it’s no longer even a conspiracy
as everything is done before our eyes
and our consent
through locally held elections
of which far less than half of the population participates in.


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