soundtrack for the collapse of the empire.

soundtrack for the collapse of the empire.

children of capitalism
do the dance of
waste and decadence.
dance for your forefathers-
the slaves and the owners,
the weak and wicked.
the shadows of light
are blinding in darkness

children of capitalism
your women are bitches
your men are all dogs
so then what are you?
if your mother’s a bitch,
and your father a dog,
so then what are you?

are you an american?
from the continent or
from the country?
there is no country america.
are you an orphan?
what are you?
we are children of capitalism-
confused, lost
because what will we do
when our money can’t buy
our salvation,
our freedom,
or worse, you run out
of money?

children of capitalism-
sons and daughters
of decadence,
the empire is crumbling,
so dance, dance, dance
and fuck, fuck, fuck.
we’re all screwed, screwed, screwed,
and in the end as in
the beginning
there will be a fire
to burn, burn, burn
till we are all returned
to ashes
and dust to dust to dust.


14 thoughts on “soundtrack for the collapse of the empire.

  1. Whoa brother! With social security I’m due never to run out of money. I think that’s kinda nice… I really like your portrayal of angst & anger at capitalism. I’ve felt the same way many a day. But being an old man now, I really do like that social security every month…

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