Little Children (Dream of Stars).

Little Children (Dream of Stars)

They look at me like I’ve got answers,
But I bring choices
And not nirvana,
But paths at once diverging.

Some of us will meet again one day
As all roads do converge.
That’s why the ancients
Followed trails up towards the heavens.

They look at me like I’ve got answers,
And plead their case-
Why they deserve
To be delivered towards success.

Little children dream of stars
When they watch TV.
They have forgotten and
Were never taught to look up to the sky.

They want to be like those stars on TV,
Completely oblivious
That they will end up
Like the stars in the sky as shiny dust.

They look at me like I’ve got answers,
But I’ve got questions,
And I bring doubt,
But still we’ll venture out to see what we discover.


14 thoughts on “Little Children (Dream of Stars).

  1. Once again … Holy Shyte, I say at your “divergent” use of prose to cut “trails up to the heavens.” In this poem your teaching takes on the trappings of a pilgrims journey. Well done!


  2. What I love about your poem is that it reminds me of the innocence in children, before all unintended ignorance was assumed to be hate. When I clicked on the title of your poem I immediately thought of stars of the night sky, but now I see that you meant celebrities. It’s nice how children, when they daydream they don’t have to be realistic. Instead they can dream of fame and fortune.


  3. Great poem. For some reason it makes me think of Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. If you haven’t heard it before, I encourage you to do so. Learning is an infinite journey and all we can hope for is that we keep that glimmer of wonder as we get older and learn more.


  4. Thanks for following my blog, hope you get some ideas to pass on to the young ones.
    Teaching is a noble occupation and a difficult one as we do not have the answers.
    We are still using out dated approaches to settle problems.
    Why should the young listen to the old?
    They think it is our fault for the predicament we are in today.
    I like your blog, the poems especially this one, because it is for an easy to understand.
    I think have found the Buddha’s path to be a help to peace and contentment.
    But I am near the end of my path, can it help the young?
    I would value a comment from you, to let me know am I past my us by date? _/\_


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