Dance (We Used To).

Dance (We Used To)

Boogie down
In the basement,
In the rain,
On the beach,
Or in the club.
The ceremony disconnected
As aliens on islands
Search out bodies
To collide against.

But we used to dance
To the gods,
To the earth,
To the sun, and the moon.
We used to dance
When the priests weren’t looking
While master was asleep.
We used to dance
To worship
The forgotten ancients,
To escape our slavery
As our way of life
Went persecuted-
We used to dance.

Slam, mosh,
Salsa, cumbia, bachata,
Tango, juke, and do-si-do.
Get down.
Make love.
Meet God.
Face death.
You are simply a mortal,
So dance.


9 thoughts on “Dance (We Used To).

  1. I really like this exploration / explosion of dance. Thanks for the reminder of the distances that dance has traveled, the places it has been, and the places that we have been with it. Yes, real good stuff.
    (Also, thanks for the like over on my blog)

    Liked by 1 person

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