in guadalajara: notions 114-115.

notion 114.

and i don’t want to be
involved in politics
cause i don’t want a world
of activists,
but pigs exist amongst us,
and so how can we allow
empire america (e.u.a.)
to expand
its values so freely,
in particular
into latino america.


notion 115.

no se dejen.
no me dejo,
ni de pendejo
que el estado
al pueblo
y a la gente.


One thought on “in guadalajara: notions 114-115.

  1. The casualness, almost clinicalness, of your main flow flared up boldly at the line with the pigs. You have created an edgy commentary, ending with a half-musing, half-question. A short piece that shows a long(er) character. Kudos.


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