in guadalajara: notion 113.

notion 113.

once again
the prejudice
within the system
is quite evident.
i’m a humble
servant of the universe.
so why should i
have to dress
like all the classless,
bourgeoisie pigs?
for what?
to avoid harassment?
you never know
who you’re fucking with,
got two degrees
off the state for free.
thank you for
educating me
to repudiate your system,
undermine and overthrow
all capitalist states.


5 thoughts on “in guadalajara: notion 113.

  1. This leaves one that the author is straight and forward with contempt for the status quo, it would be excedingly helpful if some insight were delivered as to the why of it all so that the reader has reason for empathy. Lastly though I would like for you to know that I am also for anarchy in the pursuit of justice and truth. I would like to invite you to


  2. Mark, you might go back and read all of the notions (well worth it, I might add). Just a suggestion so that you have a better understanding where he’s coming from and how everything relates. I hope this was OK to say and that I did not offend. Just trying to help. 🙂

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