in guadalajara: notion 100.

notion 100.

my poetry is dead.
i am a dead poet.
i do not feel my words could ever change
the world.
i am merely observing under different states,
on distant states.
i do not have that much faith in my words.
i need your help.
my poetry is dead,
and i am a dead poet,
but the people that may catch these words,
they are alive.
my faith is on those people,
with the people,
whoever they may be,
or what ever that may mean.
my poetry is dead
when left off on its own
in my head, or on paper,
merely observation,
which is why i do not like to memorize
whatever i have written.
my poetry is dead and i am a dead poet,
merely observation,
simply passing by.
i need your help.
my words will not change the world,
but the people,
they are alive,
and they just might.


15 thoughts on “in guadalajara: notion 100.

    • I guess I just feel like my words aren’t really what guide but the people I meet and interact with are what’s important, so that it’s not so much what we say, but what we do that matters.


      • Very true, it´s our actions that really make shape the future. But through you taking action and writing beautiful poetry, that helps others, at least me to read, and eventually with time and time and more time that I need to develop some kind of good writing technique, you poets in general are a source of my inspiration for writing. I tend to get some good ideas and try to read it slowly and paying attention as to how you write it. Don´t need it to put it on the blog necessarily since it is called crazy life and I tend to just write nutty things without much thought to it, most of the time. But for all the writing things that I have stored away in my old crusty Mackintosh. So your action of writing, actually did make you interact with a lot of people even if it´s by corresponding with each other, and you made a lot of people feel good when they read your poetry. Some kind of sentiment you have sparked would be my guess. So keep it up my man. I like reading poetry, can´t write it myself but still love to read good poets.


  1. I’ve been here before, I do relate with you. Your poetry is coming from the soul, I sense that. And even though these words are just words, the essence of the soul who carries the fire inside is always alive, the spirit in you will never die. You are changing the world just by showing up as yourself everyday, it’s subtle impressions you leave on the people around you, that’s what lets you know you’re here for a purpose my friend. 🙂 Great poetry, keep writing!


  2. words are nothing but useless entities (dead words/dead poet) unless those words can land upon and then create some sort of spark within the heart and soul of those who read them… and from there, if that spark ignited puts those that read them into action to do something (hopefully to positive effect and strengthening of mankind)… i may have interpreted your words incorrectly my friend… i hope not, since it’s through this meaning that i gain encouragement myself… and for this i thank you


  3. Really interesting. I might not say it quite the way that you do, but I definitely see your point. It often intrigues me how we convey meanings and feelings through words – which are (in a sense) nothing more than squiggles and symbols which we agree “mean” certain things. And, they can lay dormant on paper for centuries before someone comes along and reads them…and changes. Or ignores them. 8^).

    Good poem.


  4. This poem is very heartfelt, I believe most poets feel this way, they feel “dead” if they don’t know what response they receive through their written words. Knowing someone is touched by your words mean so much, that way as a poet you don’t feel so much alone.


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