in guadalajara: notion 99.

notion 99.

all i wants a
so i pick it up
to ask the price,
and security approaches
with a machine gun,
and his partner
straightens up,
and all i want to know
is the price
of the
but what if i had
stolen it?
would they have
shot me down?
with a machine gun?
in the streets?
for a magazine?
right there in the streets
of san cristobal?
and all i wanted to know
was the price.
what’s the price
we’ll all have to pay
for some sense of security?
and your type of order,
i do not want it.
and this new world,
i am not a part of.
how can i be
when the pigs threaten,
over a magazine worth
20 pesos?


6 thoughts on “in guadalajara: notion 99.

  1. “we’ll all have to pay…for some sense of security?” – so true. But this makes me think, is there really a pure sense of security? Don’t we take risks and make choices that place us in vulnerable situations?

    I find this thought-provoking. Thanks!


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