in chicago: notions 17-18.

notion 17.

my love,
what if i don’t wake up
one day?
i hope you’ll recall
the nights,
which we got lost,
sleeping under a tent,
and in the church
we used to pray
to our agnostic god.
my love,
i’ve run out of room on this page,
but my heart
goes on





notion 18.

peel me open,
and tear me apart,
then let me know
what did you find?
i’m so ready.
i’m so ready
to just let go-
this whole world,
this whole world,
it can’t sustain me.
i need, i need,
i need. i need
so much more-
not just money,
but bigger hearts
to love again,
to love myself
w/ out pretending.


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