in chicago: notions 15-16.

notion 15.

so blue, we think of time,
but every moment’s been mistaken
for shadows of reality (like plato),
but now is not no more,
so i bid farewell
to whatever happens.
once it’s passed,
there is no future
just things that happen.
it’s not destiny
just a bunch of accidents,
and it’s not human nature
or personal will
just the planet revolving.
so blue, we think of time.
saying goodbye.





notion 16.

now my memories are shaking,
and i’m not sure what
i could have become
if there’d been more time,
but the waves came on
crashing and bones have
no choice, but to float.
so then drift with the
current, and eventually
there’ll be shore on my
island to keep my memories
before they become state property.


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