in chicago: notions 9-11.

notion 9.

people watching.
our fears are hunters.
and then came the storm
to divide the sea
like ancient times
before past was memory,
and the future forgot.





notion 10.

she’s had my heart, and feels so heart shaped,
fit me in a box, then lock it so i,
can’t escape the hate we surround
everything we’ve created. forgive
the uninspired. forgive.





notion 11.

we’ve gotten so sad.
we have grown so sad,
and it’s hard letting go
of how i remember
that it was.
how the world used to be.
how it was.
you may not have
the time to explain,
but i’ve all the time,
all the time in the world for you,
as long as you promise
to come closer to me
because, because,
because i miss you so much.


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