in chicago: notions 12-13.

notion 12.

what did you mean?-
that the sunset was beautiful.
what did you mean?-
that it was the greatest morning,
waking up next to me.
and could you have meant?-
what i was thinking
as i opened
me eyes, awakened
to your cheek on my arm,
and my heart on display.
what did you mean?





notion 13.

do we just pretend?,
or do we really mean?
are we the islands?
we retreat to
when the world
gets too difficult,
when the words
get too complicated
to explain and work it through.
and i don’t know about you.
just pretend?-
that things are fine
when really they’re
so amazing.
so amazing! so amazing!
my soul waiting naked
to open up, to unravel
all of its secret desires
that you’ve inspired,
or do we just?-


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