escape neurosis.

escape neurosis.

find peace in the retreat of soul.

spirit fading to burn, speech becoming slurred,
the heart, the temple- incapable of love, worshipping
stars like beautiful flowers.

not capable of love, distracted too easily by colors and shades.

in dream state found,
who are the holy soldiers of crusade?
where are angels? incapable,
of anything else, but self hate and anger,
covered under a veil of optimism.

but not an optimist.
just get distracted by colors through prisms.

shed light while the whole world is covered in lies.
drowning in shit- incapable of dreaming,
because demons haunt sleep, shake body into restlessness.

not capable of growing wings because sometimes ugly
seems so beautiful.
and what is wrong wish were right.

not capable of feeling like you.


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