corporate democracy confuses.

corporate democracy confuses.

what’s up with governments acting like corporations? 

should i be confused, amused or what? 
should i keep on staring into the idiot box? 
should i choose to participate or not? 
should i just get on my knees and pray that it all stops? 

anyone want a world of activists or puppet presidents? 
let guns decide while the world divides over markets being 
dream of aliens on distant planets or settle things at home? 

what’s up with governments? 
what’s up with governments acting like they care? 
what’s up with governments acting like corporations? 

can anything be fixed without reading marx? 

because the 
third world debt 
isn’t getting paid, 
and the g-8 can choke them by it with a chain, 
but it isn’t getting paid. 

what’s up with governments acting like corporations? 
what’s up with governments building space stations? 
what’s up with this country pimping its new world democracy?


and now she.

and now she.

and now she scatters, 
            drying her bones, 
            soaking through flesh. 
let’s see it, 
            my heart leash out, 
your heart leash out 
            to prove we’re alive. 
scream at the world, 
            until what? 
            until we break. 
            until we become 
or crawl. 
eyes colliding to end the night. 
she seems to 
            escape into her 
            wall in space. 
through shredded hearts, 
            have a dream, 
            until what? 
            how long? 
            until we scatter. 
before our ashes 
become scattered 
she questions herself, 
            “how much longer can i stay here?” 

            the universe 
            her verse 


an exercise in angst (teenage mood).

an exercise in angst (teenage mood).

hurt your skin, 
peel it back- 
fade to black 
doused in sin. 
no one cares. 

shed your tears. 
share your fears. 
nothing’s fair. 
count to three 
or to four. 

like before, 
can you see 

there’s nothing. 

so you like the feel, 
but don’t like the taste- 
such a fucking waste, 
waiting to be real. 

should i try? well, what for? what for? what for? 

i’m just so bored 
like before 
wanna die. wanna try 

to get out of here 
then into someone, 
i’m just acting dumb- 

so happy you hear.


access america.

access america.

try to enter: 
wall on the ground, 
divided land 
and massacred tribes. 
skin red 
from blood or 

tormented daydreaming seeming never ending. 

let’s try. 
let’s try, 
to access america. 

try to exit: 
sky upside down, 
bruises not healed 
and scars still remain. 
are we sinking 
or losing 
our wings? 

tortured little babies seeming always dying. 

let’s try. 
try to, 
let’s try 
to access america. 

run over 
borders and digitalized 
cells into a 
plastic self 
no hope of succeeding 
or escaping, 

access has been denied. 
access has been denied. 
access has been denied.