and now she.

and now she.

and now she scatters, 
            drying her bones, 
            soaking through flesh. 
let’s see it, 
            my heart leash out, 
your heart leash out 
            to prove we’re alive. 
scream at the world, 
            until what? 
            until we break. 
            until we become 
or crawl. 
eyes colliding to end the night. 
she seems to 
            escape into her 
            wall in space. 
through shredded hearts, 
            have a dream, 
            until what? 
            how long? 
            until we scatter. 
before our ashes 
become scattered 
she questions herself, 
            “how much longer can i stay here?” 

            the universe 
            her verse 


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