when i was a young boy,
and i thought i’d live forever,
i thought the days went by so slow.

but now it seems, the days and years
won’t stop passing me by.

all i know is that i
don’t want to die,
and it’s not like I want to
live forever,
but i just don’t want to think about being gone
because all i know is that i’m not done.

yes, i know, it’s dumb
to be afraid
of things we cannot stop,
so i just go on. i just go on
and on and on and on
and off.


5 thoughts on “untitled.

  1. I think you’d like Julian Barnes’ ‘the sense of an ending’ he expresses the ideas of perception of time and age really beautifully.

    I think the fear you have described is at the essence of all fears that we identify as other more superficial things in an attempt to avoid thinking of the end.

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