dada h!p5t3r ab5urd!5t 50ng.

dada h!p5t3r ab5urd!5t 50ng.

i’m surrounded by ghosts.
addicted to phone apps,
a mexican hipster,
i make myself sick.

off the hook on the moon,
interplanetary and imaginary
are all of my friends
found asleep at the wheel.

the thief
came and took the country away.
his goons came in over night,
and walked out by morning away
with everything:
our freedom and democracy.
got us hooked on technology
too distracted
to notice that something is happening,
so we all just be like

i became on the day
i learned to be critical
of everything politicians said.
thank you for that lesson dad.

our native lands from government hands.
this time we won’t ask.
we’ll have to go and demand
and incite the truth to ignite

a flame
to illuminate roads yet to be taken
by children not yet awaken
before the corporation rakes them in and
transforms the child to a slave.
that child might’ve become einstein or jesus,
but now she’s just busy
watching TV,
and always logged in.
always so connected while remaining so disconnected,
infected by corporate fat cats,
constantly advertising,
and we’re all just like


19 thoughts on “dada h!p5t3r ab5urd!5t 50ng.

  1. This is really deep. It’s so sad that he kids from today and probably from tomorrow won’t understand this. TV, XBox and I don’t know what else is all they know. While a rest of the world takes over.
    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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  2. I have had moments of lucid thought where I have flipped my kids iPads over and over and round and round listening for the hum of some patented invisible addiction ray … The one that renders my children deaf, dumb, and mute and takes them away from conversation, ideas, any feelings other than frustration, and meaningful relationships.

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  3. Love this bro! Anarchy, i just feel i gatta write you this now; the only way to really begin to break free is to learn how to grow your own food, secure your own water, to learn how, any group the zapatistas the bask people of spain. . . . all of them had a standing to fight because they grew their own food, they had/have the vigor to fight because they did not live with the enormous insecurity of not knowing how to secure a food supply with out paper or plastic. Permaculture, we must evolve not revolve if we really want out of the rat race. Much luck and much love to you.


  4. Such a powerful message! The repetition of “l-o-l, w-t-f” set up some awesome cadence and really helped to drive home the point. Any time I am tempted to write in such shorthand again, I will be reminded of this poem and I hope I will think twice. 😊

    Reading this reminded me of a really awesome rap/performance poetry piece which I listened to the other day. The title was: “Can we Auto-Corrrect Humanity?” and it’s on a similar topic. I was left with a really awesome uplifted feeling once I finished watching/listening. It’s here:

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