disciple less prophets.

disciple less prophets.

feeling like a prophet
with no disciples or apostles.
on a mountaintop,
i will start meditating on
all my ancient questions,
and then go on a quest.
in the middle of the west, the midwest,
my bones are found bare- barely there.

trekking towards the setting sun,
the final days of the empire
              have begun,
and we its children
can assist in its fall.

from somewhere in the forest
              of my thoughts,
i heard a tree fall,
and with my whole heart,
i gave it my all
trying to find what we’re
       all searching for
while the stars in the heavens
serve us all as maps.
if only these city lights
       weren’t so bright,
we wouldn’t be so lost.

my brothers and sisters,
we all share one common goal-
go to bed, get to sleep, then wake up,
       and off to work
without feeling like such an asshole.


10 thoughts on “disciple less prophets.

  1. locked in our boxes .. four degrees of
    separation … left only with our
    dreams … the world’s a
    wasteland … trees fall in a world of
    silence if no one hears them … shadows of
    thought without
    connection … take a lesson from your
    students … they don’t even see the
    city lights and the stars aren’t so
    far away … the light that lives
    within them they don’t even
    know ! they just live it … but they don’t
    know time …not yet anyway … and you know them
    both … too bad you just can’t trade
    places what with all you
    know … it’s so hard to re-discover the
    light … two worlds made into
    one … only time will tell … we’re all on a quest to where it all
    began and to know that place for the first
    time ….

    did you know i dedicated a poem to you recently ??? see part I of Purple Words …

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  2. “feeling like a prophet
    with no disciples or apostles.
    on a mountaintop”

    Good stuff! If you started and ended right here it would be powerful…but each line, each additional thought builds on it, Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to so much more, I’ll be back.


  3. It’s Your Duty

    The ten days
    of spring, over now,
    bring dust-rain volley, bow-tie
    dances under sad
    streets. This slow

    city offers chance
    encounters. Relationships
    in tearless land mean
    getting used
    to work-hard love,

    the kind that
    pays off in respect.
    Still, countless occupations
    Influence beating
    Hearts so shut,

    Into lead boxes
    that us spoiled visitors can’t
    find what we know to
    be human.
    some make the leap, some

    Force love on
    historical foundations,
    meaning they
    must connect with those
    who know the entire

    reasons why
    “hard work, no play love” adds up
    to good life.
    Vanquish excitement,
    find love in floor scrub.


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