alarm on snooze.

alarm on snooze.

we will all wake up one day.
one morning i awoke,
opened my eyes and a
strange feeling emerged,
but it had been there all along
       like a birthmark.
an ancient unconscious feeling reappearing,
but modern society creates too much noise,
and it becomes “difficult to
and you forget yourself.
i forgot my dreams and what i
       used to want to be.

we’ll all wake up one day,
and stop chasing our tails all day long
until we tire ourselves out for sleep
because we can’t convince ourselves
       that it’s all worth it;
the mind numbing conversation.
the constant competition and the isolation
produced by all the synthetic and plastic.
the artificial emotions and fake smiles
from the androids,
and you forget yourself.
for i forgot my dreams and what i
used to want to be.


7 thoughts on “alarm on snooze.

  1. Very relatable! It is so hard to know your truth and direction when you are given so many messages of who you’re supposed to be and do. Values become imposed on you and you forget the core of what really matters to you personally.


  2. Right on the mark, my friend. And that’s exactly what this society wants. But I won’t forget, and neither should you. That’s why we have the words. So keep using them, and now that I’m following you, I’ll be back to read them.

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