An Itch On the Mind.

An Itch on the Mind

What the hell’s this tingling I’m having in my brain?
Is it conscious thought? What some call thinking?
Or is it just electronic neurons blindly firing? Blindly firing.

Well, I’m not really sure or feel secure in making a judgement,
Taking a stand, or claiming a position.
Can’t I just remain in the middle
Like Switzerland, be neutral.
Be a neutron without gang affiliation
Or nationalistic tendencies.
No one gets to choose my identity
Except for me. Except for me,
And all my past unconscious traumas,
Yet unresolved.
We’ve all got issues, some baggage,
But that’s no excuse to allow our governments to go on a rampage,
And drop bombs on civilians.
Gotta pay attention. Gotta pay attention.
Over complicated being human,
And now we’re all so disconnected,
And I’d just like to get back-
Back to when it wasn’t all such doom and dreary
Because all this darkness weighs heavy on the soul;
Makes the people weary.
The masses need some light;
Some celebration that isn’t so hollow and empty
To remind us of communion and community
Regardless of religion, race, or country.
Something, anything that isn’t hallmark or a god damn commercial,
But real, sincere, and honest
For a change.
Real, sincere, honest
For a change.

What the hell’s this tingling I’m having in my brain?
Is it conscious thought? What some call thinking?
Or is it just electronic neurons blindly firing? Blindly firing.

When I start to see
Beyond what stands there
Before you and me,
Between you and I,
And why is there so much space,
Or sometimes hardly enough.
How does one escape this place
Or do we just learn to bury it all and stuff?

What the hell’s this tingling I’m having in my brain?
Is it conscious thought? What some call thinking?
Or is it just electronic neurons blindly firing? Blindly firing.


57 thoughts on “An Itch On the Mind.

  1. Wow, like Switzerland. On a smaller level, I deal with dueling departments and someone gave me that title, cuz I’m neutral.

    Real, sincere and honest…seems too simple of a request in this world of lying and hypocrisy.

    Thank you for publishing this.


  2. This is something that’s going on in everyone’s mind. Your poetry has done true justice to these otherwise vague and disconnected stream of thoughts.Simply Wonderful.


  3. Man, this is great and catchy! Love the parts on Switzerland, neutrons and civilians (not that they are bombed though). Man, I didn’t know anyone wrote like this anymore, you’re bringing the fire from Dylan and Ginsberg on brother!


  4. Hello! Thank you for commenting on my poem the other day…APB.

    Well, maybe you didn’t comment, but you should!
    You “liked”.
    Anyway, guess what?
    It’s strange, but I too taught at a little elementary school on the southside with you way back way back when~
    I lasted there for oh…exactly 5 minutes till…
    The bureaucracy made me Burst 🙂
    How are things going for you?
    Glad to see you’re still writing~
    and more importantly…


  5. This is the first chance I’ve had to visit your blog. I meant to when first you commented on a small piece I wrote some time ago. My being remiss has been my loss.

    I love this piece. It says what it has to say both beautifully and economically. I am looking forward to exploring more of your work. Assuming your agreement, I have reposted this on my own blog to have an example of real writing in front of me.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Beautiful and lyrical…so many poignant lines…

    “Be a neutron without gang affiliation” that line especially lunged out at me- just loved that.

    Excellent write and one I can so relate to in my own thinking. Well-done, indeed.


    smiling toad

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I think this poem is absolutely wonderful and is needed in such a world of divisions; black and white, good and bad, wrong and right. Sometimes it is difficult to be neutral, sit back, and simply be an observer and not a fighter. Keep up the good work!

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  8. I loved the way you expressed the differences and shackles in the society….Its another way of making a change,at least the 226 people liking this post agree and share the same thought now…:)


    • Thanks a lot Rich. Really appreciate the comment and time taken to read. Especially for the songs, usually, my friend just starts playing something to which I just start writing hoping to connect the random words in a coherent manner.


  9. I’ve only just checked your blog man. This is the sort of poetry I can enjoy!

    One thing I find is, hoping to make a difference in this world, let alone trying, can easily be interpreted as arrogance. Internally and externally.

    One thing for certain is, something’s not quite right at the moment. Great stuff dude.


  10. Thank you for sharing your magnificent poetry with us. Just finished reading all of your posts on this site and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have to admit that “An itch on my mind” was truly my favorite. Thanks again and I look forward to reading future posts.
    Have a beautiful evening,


  11. Great poem! I’ve been feeling the nagging too-much-going-on and I-need-to-get-outa-here feeling lately, and this says it so well. And I like the look of your blog very much – wonderful graphics. Thanks so much for the follow – I appreciate it.


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