in san cristobal de las casas: notions 91-92.

notion 91.

how i’d like to meet
the person that makes sushi
here in chiapas.


notion 92.

i’m not just a teacher.
i am still searching,
and am still learning.
i know so much less
than i could even imagine.
i am your humble servant,
but i am not a slave.
i’m not just a teacher
though i’m a member of the union.
the state doesn’t own me.
the state doesn’t own us,
and we dictate how society goes,
or at least should,
so how have we allowed it
to have gotten so far,
out of control.

and i’ve only been here
for a little bit
over a quarter of a century,
and will not settle
into being content
with a middle class slavery.


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