in san cristobal de las casas: notion 82.

notion 82.

i am the turtle,
so must enter mazunte.
let’s be the ceremony.
ceremonies begin.
ceremony benign
be night while the sun erupts.
given space to breathe
without evaporating atmospheres.
i must head out to sea,
to japan, australia
towards the caribbean
through a dark tunnel.

i came out into a forest,
and only a raccoon
appeared to guide me
to where all power grew.
it signaled for me to drink from the water,
from the fountain,
which soon became a river,
until the waves engulfed me,
and limbs like branches
extended out from within
towards the clouds
cause ancient nature
was where power
has come,
and then i was a tree
growing out from the river,
so i asked the raccoon
to travel back through the tunnel
with me.
it agreed,
and told me,
“you are the turtle, but in the city,
you are the raccoon,
the rebel bandit.”

as i stared into st. michael
at san juan chamula,
where st. john the baptist
is revered over christ,
and coca cola utilized to expel spirits
through burping,
and i’m reminded,
i should go,
slow and steady.
i am the turtle, but in the city,
i must be disguised
like the raccoon,
the rebel bandit.


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