in queretaro: notions 51.

notion 51.

i have a father
who dreamed
of being an engineer,
but left para el norte,
and let go of his
(without sounding
he left for me.
he and my mother,
him and her.
loosened his dreams to float away,
let go of
life in his country.
and life in the city
was a life of society.
i hate what this country,
how this free america
has enslaved my father
to forget his dreams.
those i’ve not forgotten.
and how can it not hurt?
when he’s done it for me,
us, his children.
so i live in hopes
he remembers his dreams,
and his life never in vain
for he has been my guide
along the way.


7 thoughts on “in queretaro: notions 51.

  1. this is beautiful, and reminds me of what my father did, what all our parents did… we need to raise those dreams back up, to resurrect them with our words Frausto. this hit home man. thank you. my father also, was about to graduate with a degree of ingeniero petrolero, but God called him and the US offered that answer. and here i am.


    • So many of our parents sacrificed certain dreams or goals in attempts to obtain better lives for their families. Just a small attempt to ensure it wasn’t in vain. I like the idea of “resurrect(ing) them with our words.” Hopefully if nothing else their sacrifices can last in our words.


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