in chicago: notions 30-32.

notion 30.

and then one day
as i approached
the end of my journey,
i realized a new one
had just begun,
and so now
i find myself
on a never ending


notion 31.

i asked the river for advice.
she whispered.
there was wind.
i could not hear.
she disappeared.


notion 32.

find us a safe space.
you know what the
is thinking.
i can’t
even imagine
what they could be thinking?


One thought on “in chicago: notions 30-32.

  1. Hard to know where to begin when leaving a comment…your words are accessible but well-crafted and I find myself going back and re-reading, trying to make sure I get your meaning. I find I like what you say but am not always sure I get it. Which is not a bad thing. Enigmatic work intrigues me, will keep me coming back.


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