in chicago: notions 26-27.

notion 26.

so i escaped into my dreams
’cause dealing w/ people,
that type of thing
was the type of thing
that’s gotten
me going crazy,
and i’m not just
there’s nothing reaching
me so forget about everything, and
whatever you all was thinking.
time passed by w/out blinking…





notion 27.

so while the whole world focuses on the
the industry has created.
an industry to promote its industry,
and so i can’t escape this underlying feeling.
got me worrying, got me wondering,
what’s really happening?
and is anyone noticing
cause everything’ll keep on going.
most the masses been slept on.
they become more of the forgotten.


One thought on “in chicago: notions 26-27.

  1. Don’t know if you’ve ever listened to Marvin Gaye or not, but all I can hear is his music in the background as I read this (that’s a compliment). Can’t exactly pinpoint why. Perhaps it’s because of the raw emotion you convey.

    Beautifully written, as usual. 🙂


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