in chicago: notions 21-24.

notion 21.

if i was more bourgeoisie,
melting under the sunset.
we are slowly slipping
there is a need for more.
more time and space to breathe.





notion 22.

finding what else,
wonder what hides
behind shadows,
since there isn’t
a lot of what we’d
i wish i was like
exactly the way.
which road is leading?,
and who is leading?
the doors all locked,
and the ceiling caved in.





notion 23.

some spit
what could
never get
just an
or on-
ly an
illegal alien
exported from mexico.
imported into this country
w/ in my mother’s womb.





notion 24.

you have brought me,
carried me along.
almost felt myself
floating away.
you said, you could fly.
i didn’t believe you.
and said that you’d teach me
to float away.
you reached out your hand,
and we closed our eyes,
and finally everything
i ever needed
was there
in you.
and i hope
i can keep
you from
floating away
w/out me.


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