in chicago: notions 5-6.

notion 5.

i am the blues
i have when my breath
starts to choke on the memories.
sometimes, i don’t have time
to say everything i’m thinking.
and is every thought even worth
mentioning? who am i
deceiving? everyone, but me.
nobody, but me
sees the colors i breathe
when i speak of dreams
created while traveling
on other dimensions,
planes of existence
until we’ve become pure.





notion 6.

wash away my heart. it holds too many secrets.
i am the island of regret. so far off,
can’t get back what i lack. the sun just
went black. there’s no way back. no
way back. i need my memories to
return to me from my eyes. i used to
see until i understood everything.
my heart is a broken piece of my
memory and how can i disappear
completely. if only we were wishing
of the dreams one used to be.


7 thoughts on “in chicago: notions 5-6.

  1. Your poetry reads so beautifully, in my head and out loud. You put the perfect words together so that when I say it out loud I just think, “Yessssss.” It feels good, and that’s my favorite part of poetry.


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